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CenterPoint is a household name when it comes to crossbows and has been for a while now. This year, CenterPoint released their fastest crossbow yet; the CenterPoint Wrath 430. It's a tactical-looking compound crossbow that is ergonomic, easy to use, and fast! It is the top-rated one of CenterPoint crossbows for now.

We have taken this crossbow out to both target practice and to hunt some game and were impressed and a bit disappointed. If you're in the market for a crossbow, I think you'll find our CenterPoint Wrath 430 review very helpful. Our goal is to provide informative, data-based reviews so you can make smart buying decisions. And you will find this is the best crossbow for the money on the market in 2024.

CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow Specs

  • Speed: 430 FPS
  • Length: 28.26"
  • Width Axle-to-Axle: 9" / 13"
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs.
  • Power Stroke: 15"
  • Draw Weight: 200 lbs.
  • Price:: $649.99

The basic package includes 3x 20-inch 400-grain carbon arrows, quick detach parallel quiver, illuminated 4×32 mm scope, rope cocking sled, folding stirrup, and rail lube.

First Impressions

You'll have to assemble the CenterPoint Wrath 430 yourself. The scope also needs to be sighted in. CenterPoint includes a manual that's very easy to follow, they even have an instructional video available specifically for the Wrath 430.

After mounting the scope to the Picatinny rail, you'll have to sight the scope. This should be a breeze if you've done this before.

The lightweight and compact design make the CenterPoint Wrath 430 an ideal crossbow for beginners to shoot comfortably from any position.

CenterPoint includes a folding foot stirrup that can also act as a bi-pod for extra stability.

Design and Durability

With only 28.26 inches in length, 13 inches wide undocked, and 9 inches wide when cocked, the CenterPoint Wrath 430 is a very compact crossbow.

With a weight of just over 9 pounds fully installed, the CenterPoint Wrath 430 is actually on the lightweight side for a crossbow this powerful.

By using lightweight materials, the Wrath 430 actually feels front-heavy. The stock of the crossbow is pretty lightweight while the limbs are much heavier. You're able to counter it a bit by moving the adjustable foregrip more to the front. We'll see if this hinders our performance in any way or if we get used to it quite quickly.

To reduce noise and string vibrations, CenterPoint includes "Rail Mounted String Stops". Most crossbows over 400 feet per second require some kind of dampening system. A basic set of string stops should do the job!


CenterPoint includes a basic 4×32mm illuminated scope with aiming points up to 50 yards. With a speed rating of 430 feet per second, we preferred to see a scope for up to 100-yard distances. This scope has a green or red illumination setting.

This scope should be more than enough for beginner hunters and considering the price of the Wrath 430, we expected nothing more than a scope with these stats.


The CenterPoint Wrath 430 has a draw weight of 200 lbs, which means you need quite some strength to fully cock the crossbow. A standard rope cocking sled is included with the basic package. The rope cocking sled halves the amount of strength required to cock this hunting crossbow.

CenterPoint also offers the Wrath 430 crossbow with their new, detachable, and silent crank cocking device. This cranking device features an ambidextrous design and reduces the draw weight by up to 90%! This cranking device also offers the ability to let go mid cranking without the worry of damaging/breaking your hands, something that the CenterPoint CP400 lacks.

Field Test and Performance

As we mentioned in the First impressions section, we noticed that the Wrath 430 is a bit front-heavy. After a couple of dozen shots at the range and adjusting the foregrip slightly, we already got used to it and barely noticed it anymore. By using the folding stirrup, you'll completely eliminate this problem. Needless to say, the folding stirrup might not be an option in some hunting situations.

After sighting in the scope and getting comfortable with the CenterPoint Wrath 430, we managed to get very tight groups even at 50-yard distances. You know this is the best crossbow for hunting big game and small game.

Now to the somewhat disappointing part… The speed test. CenterPoint advertises this crossbow as up to 430 feet per second shooter. In our tests, the speed ratings were quite a bit lower, but very consistent, with the factory included 400-grain arrows. Our chronograph clocked speeds of 410-413 feet per second.

To achieve 430 feet per second, you'll need a lighter arrow. We don't recommend using a lighter arrow though, a heavier arrow has higher kinetic energy which results in deeper penetration of the arrow.

Overall, we're very happy with the results. The CenterPoint Wrath 430 is an extremely accurate, comfortable, and fast shooting crossbow. Also, it is the best crossbow for deer hunting for beginners.

Recommended Accessories for CenterPoint Wrath 430 Crossbow


CenterPoint includes three 20-inch 400-grain carbon arrows with field points. These arrows are of high quality and we recommend sticking with these arrows. You can always use your own preferred arrows, but make sure to use half-moon nocks! Check out our Best arrows for crossbows article if you're interested in purchasing different arrows for your crossbow.


If you're planning to go hunting with the CenterPoint Wrath 430, we highly recommend getting a set of broadheads. Broadheads really make a huge difference in getting clean kills.

During our field test, we used a set of Muzzy Trocar 3-blade broadheads. During our tests for the best broadheads for crossbows, all Feradyne (Muzzy, Rage) products performed extremely well. These broadheads have an extremely accurate and very consistent flight path after some fine-tuning of the crossbow.

Storage and Transportation

CenterPoint released a brand-new "hybrid" crossbow case. This Crossbow Case is custom made for the CenterPoint Wrath 430 (and Pulse 425). This rugged case offers superior protection for your CenterPoint Wrath 430 crossbow. It's waterproof, dustproof, and made of durable polyester.

Final Verdict

No matter if you're new to crossbows, or have been shooting for years, the new Wrath 430 crossbow from CenterPoint will give you the ultimate performance and accuracy in a package that's perfect for any budget. Built for the comfort and safety of even younger archers, it features an anti-dry fire, auto safety mechanism, and adjustable foregrip to accommodate everyone from first-time shooters to experienced hunters! With 164 pounds of kinetic energy, this CenterPoint crossbow delivers the punch when it counts against your next trophy buck!

What We Like

  • Price
  • 400+ FPS Crossbow
  • Compact
  • Comfortable hold
  • Accurate
  • Adjustable foregrip

What We Don't Like

  • Bit front heavy
  • The actual FPS is around 410 FPS, not the 430 FPS as advertised
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